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List of the best awards Names

    List of the Best Awards Name


 award-names List of the best awards Names

 Best awards  Names comes with the best work. It can be said again, my best work to match the best recognition. This recognition or reward is meant to make meaningful contributions to different areas. These venues can be sports, politics, education, literature, science or arts. Because the field of contribution is different, the prize is  Award Names also different. That is, each award refers to the recognition of the basic contribution in each field. It is also associated with money and honor. Award Names are also given from different organizations. Some of the world’s most respected award recipients are for the Award Names. Details…….best awards 



award-names List of the best awards NamesThe Nobel Prize is considered to be the world’s most respected medals at all times. According to a will of Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel in 1895, the Nobel Prize was instituted. The Nobel Prize for the successful and list of best awards 


unique research and innovation and the highest recognition of human welfare activities by different people and organizations around the world. A total of six topics is awarded. The topics are physics, chemistry, medicine, economics, literature, and peace. The



only Nobel Prize in Peace was awarded to Oslo, from Norway. In the rest of the year, this award ceremony was held in Stockholm, Sweden. Prizes are awarded in 1901 but other than economics, but in the economy, this Award Names was started in 1969.best awards 



award-names List of the best awards Names

One of the main dignitaries in the movie world is the Academy Award. This Award Name is known as the Oscars prize because of the people of the world. The award from the Los Angeles of the United States is given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.best awards 


The award was instituted at Roosevelt Hotel on May 16, 1929, with just 272 people. From the following year, the Academy decides that no award will be informed beforehand. But in the 1940s Los Angeles Times, the names of the awards were knit in the afternoon edition. As a result, no one was given the name of the awards before 1941. Since 1941, these rules are still in force. Opening the envelope only during the main event will be known who got the prize. To date, the surprises of opening the envelope are intact. Critics often refuse to accept Oscars as the most sought-after award in the international arena. Because movies of Hollywood are given more prominence here.

But media around the world preached the Oscars prize. Oscar was honored by the film’s director, actor,  the writer’s work. Apart from this, awards are given in more than one category. This event is quite splendid. The world’s largest number of people enjoy this award ceremony.


Golden Palm


award-names List of the best awards Names

The Cannes Film Festival is named after the biggest award in the entertainment world. The most prestigious award for the festival is ‘Golden Palm’ or ‘Palm Door’. So the cinematic pilgrimage places in Kano city. It is located in France. Each year, the world’s top-ranked film, actor-actress, director, musician, and filmmakers associated with the movie are present in this city. This film festival is called the world’s most respected events. This festival shows the best performers of the world’s leading directors. The first film festival started in 1946. Then every year the festival is celebrated. The festival is celebrated every year in the city of Cana in southern France. Palm Dam is awarded as a reward for the good performance here. Palm d’Or in French means ‘gold palm leaves’. Until 1954 there was no award in this name.list of awards




award-names List of the best awards Names








The British Academy Film Award is mainly awarded in the cinema of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The world is known by the Award names of the BAFTA at the award. The Buffett Award is regularly awarded since 1949. In 1958, BAFTA became one with television producers and directors. Its purpose was to showcase all the programs of cinema and television and the development of the movie world. The BAFTA Award as the best movie is considered as a special status in the international arena. Buffett is the UK’s most respected film awards. In February this year, the award was awarded in London. Since 2008, the awards ceremony was organized at the Royal Opera House in Central London. Now BAFTA also offers prizes in the Video Games and Animation Movie categories in addition to movies, television shows.


award-names List of the best awards Names



The Pulitzer is the biggest prize for journalism. Highly respected as the highest award for journalism, literature, and music in the United States. A Hungarian American journalist named Pulitzer started the Award Names. The Columbia University authorities in New York City are the sponsors of this award. He died in 1911. Earlier, journalist Pulitzer left a large amount of money in Columbia University. In 1912, the journalism department of this university was started with some part of the huge money.



The first Pulitzer Prize was announced by the rest of the money since 1917. Currently, the award is announced every April in every year. An independent board winner has selected. This award is given in 21 cases per year.



award-names List of the best awards Names







The Man Booker Prize is briefly called Booker Prize. This Man Booker Prize is considered as one of the most respected awards in world literature. According to the judges, this prize is awarded to the best awards  full-length novel published every year in the past year. However, some conditions must be accepted to get this award. First of all, any writing must be basic. Again the language used in the writing must be English. Previously, there were other conditions such as The writer must be a Commonwealth, Zimbabwe or Ireland citizen. In the continuation of the previous Booker Prize, in 2005, the Man Booker International Award was introduced for writers of any country in the world. There is no greater recognition of literature around the world, therefore, literary lovers think that there is no greater recognition on literature around the world.


MTV Video Music Award

award-names List of the best awards Names



The award has been given since 1984 on behalf of MTV, the world’s most popular music television channel. Popular artist Madonna won 19 wins this year. Most viewers live up to the number of viewers who live directly on the MTV Video Music Award. A few days ago, this year’s Wembley Arena in London was released in a spectacular show by the best winners of this year’s music. Canadian young music star Shawn Mendes won three divisions at the glittering event of the MTV Europe Music Awards. The 19-year-old star has won the Best Music Player, Best Music and Best Male Playback Award for the year 2010. She won the Best Music Award for ‘Deers Nothing Holding Me Back’ song. Ed was competing in different departments this year. Starring Sheran, DJ Khaled, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, Kendra Lama, Miley Cyrus and Arena Grande.best awards 

Dadasaheb Phalke

award-names List of the best awards Names




Indian filmmaker Falak was an Indian filmmaker known to be the father of Indian cinema.The best awards, which is named after him, is only for Indian cinema in this Award Nemes, but it has the status of worldwide.

The Dadasaheb Phalke Award for India’s highest film award In recognition of the contribution of Dadasaheb Phalke in the Indian film, the Indian government first introduced this award in 1969. Directorate of Film Festival offers prizes. The government of India regulates this organization. Apart from awarding the director, actors or filmmakers, the film also contributed to the advancement of the Indian film.

A committee formed by the honorable and renowned personality of the country elects the person to be rewarded. A gold commercial medal, a cash prize of USD $ 1 Million and a shawl.


Golden Globe Awards

award-names List of the best awards Names








The Golden Globe Award is awarded to the local and foreign film and television programs. Since 1944, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has hosted the awards. This event also works as a fund collector in Hollywood. The Golden Globe Award for the most popular after the Academy Awards and Grammy Awards in America. The UK’s BAFTA Award is considered to be equivalent to this award. The prize is given at the beginning of every year. This award depends on the vote of journalists. 86 part-time journalists living in Hollywood can vote for this award.



award-names List of the best awards NamesGrammy Award is an annual award introduced by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of America, which is awarded for outstanding achievements in musical art. It was introduced in 1958. Until 1971, the award ceremony was held in New York and Los Angeles. This is America’s most respected music awards. Most rewarding musicians Sir George Salty has been rewarded with 31 Grammy Awards. Ellison Cross is the most rewarded female artist. Who received 27 Grammy Awards. The most respected groups in the party Who won 22 Grammy Awards. Since 1977, this award has been given to music. Robin Williams won the maximum 15 times.best awards 


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