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Here is the natural system of diabetes prevention

Can you know the natural system of ??

Untitled-1-11-300x225 Here is the natural system of diabetes prevention\

how to diabetes prevention and Regular diet, regular medicines and disciplined life-diabetic patients who follow these three principles properly, can also lead to healthy living with diabetes.Diabetes is a life-threatening disease, which is not fully fertilized. But if you are aware and accepting a cure, you can easily manage your diabetes and keep your life simple. 415 million people in the world are suffering from diabetes or diabetes. Fear is expected to exceed 640 million in 2040. People with diabetes suffer from pre-diabetes. One in 10 women in the world and one in every seven pregnant women with diabetes. It has more trends in small and middle-income countries. However, 50 percent of diabetes can be prevented through orderly behavior.how to diabetes prevention is most effective things for all the man

What is diabetes?

Our main food ingredient is sugar. These carbohydrates are broken glucose. After breaking the diet of fats or fats, glucose becomes particularly special. Glucose is the main fuel in the body. These glucose levels control that the hormone is its name insulin. Insulin comes from pancreas (pancreas). It removes glucose from the blood to the cells. But if there is not sufficient insulin in the pancreas for any reason, or if the body cells do not respond well enough to insulin, this level of glucose in the blood increases. This is the situation we say diabetes.how to do the diabetes prevention.

Reasons and Types

This situation can be mainly due to two reasons.

Type-1: The amount of insulin emitting insulin hormones in the pancreas gland in the body can be greatly reduced and insulin emitted from the beta cell cannot function properly on the cell. In this case, when the amount of beta cells in the pancreatic gland reaches zero, there is no way except insulin is taken from the outside (through injection). This type of diabetes is called type-1 or insulin-dependent diabetes.

Type-2: The body can make insulin, ie, a few beta cells, but it is not enough for metabolism of sugar, such type of diabetes as type-2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes has a good relation with obesity. Children may also have this disease. But more than 40 percent of the disease (90 percent). There is another type of diabetes called gestational diabetes or pregnancy diabetes. When a mother is diagnosed with diabetes for the first time during pregnancy, she is diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes. In this case, 25 to 50 percent of the patients are prone to type 2 diabetes permanently.how to diabetes prevention


In most cases, patients may not initially realize that they have diabetes. Some people often experience thirst, thirsty, dry lips and mouth, frequent hunger, and drying of the body – these signs are seen. Some people came to the doctor to take various injections of legs, nails, skin or genitalia. The diabetes mood swings, the mood fluctuates Symptoms of diabetes. However, due to diarrhea, unsightly or unconsciousness, 50 percent of the patients do not know that they have diabetes. Especially type-2 diabetes patients have more problems.


In addition to diabetes patients who have a family of diabetes, whose weight does not work, exercise or physical work, they can learn about diabetes through the following tests.

Fasting Blood Glucose: The test is to empty stomach before breakfast. Its normal level is 6.1 mm or less or less.

Two Hours After Breakfast: This test is to be done after two hours of breakfast. Its normal level is 7.8 mm or less or less. Anytime Random: This test can be done at any time of the day. Its normal level is 7.8 mm lower.

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT): For this test, the patient must first give blood on empty stomach. Then 75 grams of glucose will be mixed in water and after two hours, the patient will have to donate blood again. The patient will not be able to eat any other food for two hours. No physical work, even smoking can be done. In this examination, the patient will be more than 7.0 millimeter or liter of


stomach and more than 11.1


or liter after two hours, he can be identified as a diabetic patient.

Glycosylated hemoglobin: A sample of glucose levels in the last four months of blood can be found through this test. This test can be done at any time after an empty stomach or after eating. If the normal level is below 7 percent, it is understood that Sugar Control is there.diabetes prevention

Diabetes is called the mother of all diseases. There is nobody in the body where diabetes does not have any harmful effects. Diabetes is considered to be the fourth leading cause of death in most developed countries. Common problems that can be caused by diabetes are:

♦ Kidney disability or kidney impairment.

♦ The world is going to be cut in every 30 seconds due to diabetes. The number of steps that are to be cut off, 85 percent of its main causes is the lack of awareness among patients.

♦ Stroke increases the risk. Eyes can be seen in low vision, blurred vision, eye catarrh, and retinopathy. Different causes of blindness and vision Diabetes

♦ Risk of heart disease and heart attack increases the risk of death.

Untitled-1-11-300x225 Here is the natural system of diabetes prevention

To be prevented

Regular diet, regular medicines, and orderly life – these three diabetes patients can be able to live healthy and healthy lives. Awareness and disciplined life-cycle is the main treatment for diabetes. Studies show that it is possible to prevent type 2 diabetes in 50 to 70 percent of cases.

♦ In the first place, follow the rules of the meal. Have a moderate balanced diet. Sugar, sweet foods (soft drinks, chocolate, cakes, pastries, cookies etc.) should be omitted. Vegetables and fennel foods to eat.

♦ Calorie foods, such as oil-greasy foods (oil, ghee, butter,


, fat, egg yolk, brain etc) will be reduced. Good to avoid fast food Sugar-eaten foods (food made from rice, flour etc.) will have to be eaten a bit. Vegetables, fruits will be eaten more. Daily calorie counting will eat food. Nutritionists need to consult if needed.

♦ Avoid fast food and cold drinks and drink plenty of pure water daily. Apart from this, it is better to avoid the rich food served in different ceremonies as far as possible.

♦ To eliminate all types of tobacco including smoking. Alcohol is not at all.

♦ Walk 150 minutes a day faster than at least 30 minutes a week. Bike, Swim or Stairs. Remember, blood glucose will burn through work only.

♦Select appropriate exercise according to expert advice. Because all the exercises are not suitable for everyone. Do not take extra food to keep this exercise in mind.

♦ Do not work long enough. Get up in the holes of work. Take a little walk.

♦Try to keep the normal levels of weight according to the height.

♦ Depression increases diabetes, so try to keep the mind happy or stress-free.

♦ Nowadays, the increase in type-2 diabetes among children and adolescents. So they do not suffer from malnutrition and do not increase the weight of excessive, then be careful. At the same time, it is important to show that children do not face labor.

♦ The pregnant mother’s nutrition should be ensured that the pregnant baby does not suffer from malnutrition.

If there is a person suffering from diabetes, then consult a specialist doctor as advised. Follow the specific and scientific guidelines for medication, exercise, diet and overall living. Because if someone follows diabetes, they can lead a normal life.

Two emergency situations

Keito Acidosis

A diabetes patient’s blood sugar levels suddenly increased to produce a type of acid called acetic acid. This is an emergency, which has a death risk. It is mainly because diabetes is uncontrolled. However, type 1 diabetic patients have more risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. Especially those who do not take insulin properly, if there is an infection, a heart attack, drinking or taking steroids may be a problem.

Symptoms and Tasks:

At this time the patient gets severe thirst, frequent urine velocity, nausea, shortness of breath, diarrhea, weakness, hunger, fatigue, stomach or chest pain, can become unconscious. If this condition, blood sugar levels, and urine ketone levels should be examined. If blood sugar levels are higher than normal (higher than 16.7millimol/


) and urine ketone presence, then patients will need to take adequate saline in the hospital, in particular, insulin in the vein. If the patient is unable to provide treatment then the patient’s death can also happen. Hypoglycemia For some reasons, diabetes patients have different symptoms when blood glucose drops below the required level (usually under 3 mm / l). This condition is hypoglycemia. Usually, this may be a problem if you have fasted, excessive medicines or insulin, sudden work, excessive labor, cancer or severe infections, kidney or liver failure.At this time the body is weak, the chest rash, the more the hunger, the head is restless, the temperament is irritable, sweating occurs in the body, Problems such as nausea, sleep, and unconscious may arise. There is no symptom again in all cases. The patient may die if the system does not take action .diabetes prevention quickly.

Treatment and Doing :

Hypoglycemia will take action as soon as possible. For this reason, the head of the affected person will have to lay down in a comfortable place and keep it in a comfortable place. He must be assured that the patient will not be worried.how to diabetes prevention Quickly eat glucose or sugar to be fed. If you do not have glucose or sugar, you will have to eat any sweet fruit juice, chocolate or any liquid from sweet. If you are unconscious or unable to feed your mouth, you will need to take the hospital quickly. Hypoglycemia prevention should be adhered to in insulin, routine blood sugar examination, lack of fasting, excessive eating after eating insulin, free from stress, excessive exercise or manual labor etc.how to diabetes prevention.



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