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Donald Trump Twitter

Donald Trump twitter

Donald Trump in twitter: Great Show of Controversy


Donald Trump twitter: With 53.1 million followers on Twitter, Donald J. Trump is one of the most influential icons in social media. Although he has a Facebook account as well his tweets got more attention and reaction in world media than any other social platform. This reason may be, American more attention towards twitter rather than Facebook or any other platform.

As 45th President of United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump could always be the person in limelight but his twisted tweets draw all curious attention to him. From March 2009, Trump started his journey on Tweeter and gradually got attention.


The whole US presidential campaign was drawn through this account and successfully reached to cyber citizens not only in the USA but also across the world. On the other side of the table, Donald Trump only follows 47 persons in the world. No doubt, they are the most important person in USA govt. You can get an idea about current US presidents affection for tweeter from the number of posts. 38.1 thousand posts were still done by him and most of the got extensive attention.

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Although his first tweet was not about politics or any vote campaign. It was about his participation on an upcoming show arranged by David Letterman. Initially, he was interested in the name Donald trump but as that was already in use by some parody team he was unable to have that. Later the name @realdonaldtrump was selected by him and now currently in use as an authentic account.


He has a great team to write his status in social media and tweets. But sometimes he writes his own tweet and initially to distinguish his own tweets from Staffs tweet, he used a separate phrase. But nowadays, such activities are not in use. With using latest software trumps team used to understand the sentiment of the message sender and tried to reply duly. Phones like androids, iPhones and even personal computers were also identified to reply his status.



Evedownload-3 Donald Trump twittern if his team members try to copy his writing style and replied to a number of his comments and retweeted thousands of his posts. Apart from this personal account, Trump also has access on presidential account of US. He uses both to social media. Not only his comments but also his followers are under controversy.

The story started before his election. It was claimed that seven and a half million people trump virtually. But researchers and experts say that there a number of evidence that declares that, many thousands of them are only bots and software generated fake accounts. It could be a million-dollar question, what is Trump’s favorite account? Well, the answer is quite known to all. He loves to view Fox & Friends and often retweets them.

Trumps most controversial tweet was about nuclear war with North Korea. His tweet on bigger nuclear button almost threated the whole world towards a nuclear war. Moreover, sharing controversial anti-Muslim videos somewhat increased his vote among Christians and Jews but lost the huge vote from Muslim US citizens. Saving the sons of famous US media person LaVar Ball was trumps attempt. But as LaVarball did not thank president properly, US president tweeted him openly and scolded him a fool. From emotional reflection on tweeter, trump called Kim Jong-un as short and fat to his insult on “old”.

Trump also tweeted Meryl Streep, overrated and not glorious after accusing him on a golden globe. He defended so many times for himself in so many issues. Among them, one accusation was about mocking disabled reporter.

Media always discussed Donald trump twitter and focus the good and bad side of Mr. Trump and he always replied in the bold end through his tweeter even if called media dishonest. Even if famous shows like “the view” of ABC TV was also undergone criticism. The anchor while talked about racial comments of Mr. President; Trump replied with fierce. While attacking his opponent, trump used tweeter so many times. Posting wrestling videos was one of the most tweeted videos. Although some people say it is violence against humanity but actually trump protested against fraud news of CNN. With all these good and bad controversies, this social media served Mr. trump in many ways.



Donald Trump twitter

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