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World famous museums

World famous museums

famous-museums-300x225 World famous museums


Museums mean historical, archaeological archives. In other words, the museum is the reflection of all history from the time of human triumph to the earth. When you enter the museum you will lose, another time. You can very well know the history of civilization here. Some famous museums in the world.Most of the major museums in the world are located in major cities. However, local museums are also seen in small towns and rural areas. In the past, museums were formed by the person or family initiative of rich people or by an institutional initiative. All these famous museums are preserved in art, rare and surprising natural materials. The museum is visible all over the world. The ancient museum of Alexandria, which was founded in ancient times, was similar to modern graduate institutions. Let us know the famous museums.

Topkapi Museum [Turkey]



Topkapi famous museums of History Here is many spectacular materials. Which carries a number of aesthetic patterns during the Ottoman regime. It was once used as the home of the Ottoman Sultans, but it is the center of the administrative and educational expansion of Istanbul. In addition to this, there is a holy memorial for Muslims. For example, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) ‘s cloak and sword. The Topkapi palace truly reflects the magnificent glory of the Ottoman regime. Here are some of the monuments used by the Ottoman Sultans as yet. This museum is also used as the administrative and educational center of Istanbul. This royal palace is located in Istanbul’s city of Istanbul. Muhammad II of the Ottoman Empire, Muhammad II started construction of this palace in the middle of the fifteenth century. For almost 400 years, it remains the home of the Ottoman Sultans. This palace is now an important tourist center. In 1985, UNESCO announced a historic area. Apart from this, there are mints, hospitals etc.


Louvre museum [France]



The Louvre will be on top of the list of all the famous museums in the world. At one time, louver was used as the palace of France. But now this has been given a new look by putting glass pyramids in front of them. The Paris Louvre famous museums, which has the most wonderful and precious paintings and sculptures in the world. Located on the bank of the River Seine, this huge structure stands today as a great hold of a great time. The city of Paris has been developed by the banks of the River Scene. Louvre has been built on the banks of the river in the north-south direction. It was first built around the building built in 1200, the French Emperor II, the Royal Castle of the Phillip and the palace. As the industry archive, the overall construction of the louver takes 200 years to complete. Louvre is a huge gathering of different buildings. In 1546, the construction of the West Bank building began with the Emperor Francis’ first directive. Initially, it was kept only for displaying various royal items. During the reign of Emperor Napoleon II, the museum’s overall construction was completed. The world-famous art and sculpture are here.


Gimme Museum [France]



Given the name of another rich museum, like the Louvre, the first name of the Gimmé Museum is to come. Emil Gimme, the prominent industrialist of France, was behind the construction of the Gimme. According to him, this museum has been named the Gimay Museum.There is one of its single contributions. He traveled to Japan, China, India, Egypt, Greece in 1876. He had hobbies to collect archives. As a result, during his travels, he collected a large number of archipelagoes. Which he later brought home to his own country. And in 1879 a public museum was set up in a museum in France’s own city. After moving to the present Gimme in Paris, all the collections are moved here. After nearly a decade of establishment, in 1889, the Gym Museum’s new journey started in Paris.There has been specially arranged with the archives of East and South Asian countries.


Uffizi Gallery [Italy]



The Uffizi Gallery is located in Florence in Italy. There are many spectacular objects spread across this museum. This is known as Renaissance era’s first paintings collection. Apart from this, from the beginning of the entrance to this place, all the famous sculptures. All the carved images on the stone will overwhelm you. As if each statue speaks of history. These statues have been found to wear on the walls of the museum. You will be sure to lose the unknown-unknown at any time. It seems as if all living statues of stone are in the audience. At the beginning of the entry into this place, it will be seen that the magnificent sculptor Botticelli ‘Barth of Venus’ and ‘Primavera’ are all dazzling sculptures. There you can see more famous paintings such as Michael Angelo, Leonardo DA Vinci, painted by all the painters of the legendary painters. Established in 1581, this Museum of 13 thousand meters has 1.9 million people.


Madame Tussauds Museum [United Kingdom]



The famous museums will be talked about, and there cannot be the name of the Madame Tussaud’s museum. Wax statues of celebrities are kept in this museum in London, UK. Time to hold this museum. Contain the man More important is this museum, because of its timeliness. From Aristotle to Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan or Stephen Hawking, there is no Madame Tussaud’s museum. Because of this, the museum has become famous around the world. But its beginning is a history. During the French Revolution, Madame Tussaud itself started this collection. When someone was hanged, Tussaud made wax paint with his cut head. The most famous of these is the portrait of the head of the first French king, Then started the journey of Madame Tussaud’s museum. The original name of this museum, Madame Tussaud’s ‘Ana Maria Grosholz’


Metropolitan Museum [United States]



This museum is located in the Western Hemisphere, New York, USA The museum was established in 1870. Here you will find a tremendous combination of modernity and tradition. Because there are more than 20 million spectacular objects in modern museums and in ancient times. Here you will find various paintings of Islamic civilization, as well as many more European archaeological patterns and more. History-based weapons and all the artwork of the armor will make you think about the history of the world. That’s why the Metropolitan Museum has got a world-famous fame. This museum has not only highlighted the history of certain ethnic groups but here you can see a brief historical form of the whole world. This museum is famous for the famous German painter Albert Durr’s carved image of Adam and Eve. There are a variety of arts, such as Asia, Greek, European, Egyptian, Islamic and many other museums. Beautiful fountains, stairs, and tall windows – together with the palace can be compared to the museum.


Vatican Museum [Vatican]



This museum was originally built for Catholic Christians. But it is open to everyone. This is located in Vatican City. The one who enters this museum once said that no one should come here and miss the collection of the Sistine Chapel and raffle! In fact, this Vatican museum is about 22 types of different collections. Among these, there are almost all Egyptian artworks from ancient civilizations. These museums also did not contain the history of a particular ethnic group or group. Rather, it holds a wonderful historical perspective of society and culture. Various maps and many modern religious images are also in the archipelago. These museums with the Vatican Museum of Roman Catholic Church, 9 miles long. Visit the Museums of more than 40 million visitors annually. There are also painted paintings of famous painters like Leonardo DA Vinci, Rafael, and Michael Angelo. The Vatican Museum, founded in 1506 in Vatican City.


British Museum [United Kingdom]



The British Museums has preserved many historical events in history. This museum of 75 thousand square miles has 8 million historic objects. Every year, 5.93 million people come to travel. Its current manager Neil McGregor These famous museums in London is a unique feature of human civilization and history. The entire history of the world is, hidden in that list of collections. It is one of the ancient museums. The museum was established in 1753. It is one of the finest museums of today, with a huge collection of paintings collected from various places in the world. The museum was founded on the basis of material collected by physicist Sir Hans Sloane. He gave more than 71 thousand items. Now the collection of the entire museums has exceeded 80 million. But only 4 million of them are open to the public. Every year, six million visitors visit these museums. There is also a large part of the Egyptian civilization. In a word, you will be lost on the history page.


Egyptian Museum [Egypt]



All the tomb of the famous Egyptian emperor Tutankhamen is buried in the Egyptian Museum. It is understood that the name of the Egyptian museums is located in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians started the civilization of the world on the banks of the Nile River. There are many ancient and ancient civilizations in this museum. Here are all the famous sculptures. Lion giant sculptures are also among interesting objects. The Egyptian civilization is very old and far more prosperous. As a result, these museums is also the most famous around the world. Its journey started in 1853. There are also all the famous sculptures. Among which the scuffing giant sculptures attracted the most attention to visitors. Among the interesting things are all archaeological monuments witnessing the history of thousand years of Egyptian civilization. The British Museum collected many things from this Egyptian civilization. However, the number of remaining in this museum is huge. It will be astonished that in this museums there are archives of more than 100,000 historical civilizations.


Hermitage Museum [Russia]



It is one of the largest and ancient museums in the world. At the beginning, its original building was in the Mikhailov palace of St. Petersburg. Later, the best three palaces of St. Petersburg were allocated for government funding. The museum has the first list of the world’s most popular museums. In 1764, the construction of the began in the direction of Queen Catherine of Queen Elizabeth II of St. Petersburg. In 1852 it was opened to the public. Shishkin, Levitan, Ivajotutski, Quinnazi, Robin, and many other world-renowned painters have painted paintings. Each year, thousands of people came to see these famous museums from far and wide. The museum has a little over three million items to showcase. In the six-story building, the building, named Winter Building, Small Ashram, New Ashram, Ancient Ashram, and Harlemites, is open to all. Every year, millions of people from all over the world come to this place.

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