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History of KFC

History of KFC from the colonel Sanders

History of KFC is the best from the colonel Sander.

2334 History of KFC from the colonel Sanders


Use the name of the Sanders colonel to know History of KFC yourself important. Actually, he was not a colonel. Many failures from the very beginning of life have come to the sixty years old then to enter the success story. There is no definite age for success. His illustrative example is Colonel Harlan Sanders. She is the owner of KFC, the world’s first big fried chicken. Even after the end of his life from the beginning to the end of failure, he succeeded in 60 years of age with his unwavering desire and hard work. Full Name Colonel Harlan D wived Sanders. Born on June 18, 1890, in Ten rival in Indiana province. Dad Wilbur David and mother Margaret Anne Sanders. Sanders is the eldest of three children. Dad was a farmer. He worked in agriculture on a farm built on 80 acres of land. And in the meantime, the world would have gone to the Sanders. But suddenly Sanders’s life was astonishing in the crash. In 1893, while working on a farm, the father of Wilbur David was broken in the crash. Two years after the accident, when Sanders was only 5 years old, Father Wilbert died. After her father’s death, Mother Margaret Anne again married in 1902. The family of an honest father did not like Sanders. After mother’s second marriage, Sanders and his family moved to Greenwood in Indiana.The children of poor families left their homes at just 13 years of age because of their financial needs. Before he dropped out of school. Farmer’s work on the farm started. But as a teenager, Sanders did not like the agricultural work. Then Indiana took the job to paint the horse carriage of police. After this, at the age of 14, he again started work on the farm. In 1906, he worked as a car conductor in New Albany, Indiana. Just a year he did that job After that, welding shop took action to beat iron. But here also does not mind Sanders on. The coaches started cleaning the ash tanks in the train. At the age of 16, the fireman at the station got the job. He also worked as a day laborer at Northern and Western Railway Station. Colonel Sanders could not work in one place for a long time. Two years later he returned to the Illinois Central Railroad. Fireman’s work started Sanders lost his job four times in 17 years. Then he started studying law at Extension University. After studying, he started earning money after finishing his training in Little Rock’s name. Here too, his obstacle was not complete. With the hot summer nature of the Sanders client, the court ended the legal profession by quarreling with the court. After a while, the law passed the law to the person. From there back to Pennsylvania. At the railway station took the job. Not too long since 1916, the family moved to Jeffersonville and started working in the insurance company. Sanders could not have been permanent anywhere because he was angry. So they lost their job and lost their salesman. Has done the work of the store clerk. In 1918, at the age of 18, he got married and became a father at the age of 19. But at the age of 20, his wife left her and took the daughter with her. In 1920, he founded the boat company. Sanders used to sell and sell dingy boats here. At one time, the company’s shares also started in the name of the company to make the future larger. Most of which were owned by Sanders himself and later, Sanders himself was elected the company’s secretary. That was the career’s first success. In 1922, he took up the job of a secretary in the company of Chamber of Commerce in Columbus, Indiana. He did not like the job and once quit his job. Not only that, his dingo boat company also sold for 32 thousand dollars. Whose current market value is $ 3.9 million. With that money, the companies producing hydrocarbon gas lamps were introduced. His electric lamp company did not last too long. Colonel Sanders suffered financial losses in the electrical lamp business. Sanders moved to Kentucky’s Winchester after many failures. There, he took a salesman’s job in a tire company named Michelin. In 1924, when the company closed, it took a job at a station in Nicholas and it was strange that in 1930 the station was closed. In the same year, Shill Oil company in the North Carolina area in Cantata offers food service to the staff of the station. He did not have to rent any place there. Only a small part of the dividend of the food sold in return is enough. Sanders offered fast food service to fast-food, including fried chicken. Sanders’ food reputation spread through the streets of Cantata. In 1939, North Carolina started a deal with Motel in Nashville, but there was a barrier. But Sanders has not been left behind. In 1940, the 140-seat restaurant opened and started selling special fried chicken. The new flavored chicken started to get popularity. Since 1953, Sanders ‘Chicken Fry’ had become the world’s first big fried chicken company since the idea of earning ‘Pontianak Fried Chicken’. The ancient restaurant is today’s ‘KFC’. It has 600 branches. In the 1970, the restaurant was sold to the US $ 2 million by Sanders American Company. Sanders passed away in 1980 after the failure of his life at the age of 90 in 1980.History of KFC,History of KFC,History of KFC

Starting from the gas station – History of KFC

History of KFC In the 1930, Sanders started the food business in Cantata Gas Station. There was only a small table in the dormant room. Sander’s lunch arrangements were made for truck drivers in the station. Fried chicken was the only food item, which took a lot of time to prepare. Apart from that, his made ham and steak dinner was quite popular. The Sander’s restaurant used to sell chicken fries and an iron skillet. Kentucky Fried Chicken started getting popularity over time. But unfortunately, the restaurant was closed. Later in 1935, he started his business again. In addition to the station’s drivers, Sanders provided chicken fried on the order outside. The fate was not there anymore. In 1939, Sanders opened the motel in North Carolina’s Nashville. The fires of motel business were closed. Sanders started the business of truck drivers at the gas station again. He took 140 seats and started selling special fried chicken in his restaurant in July 1940. The newly flavored chicken fries started to get popularity. ‘Pontianak Fried Chicken’ is the world’s first large-scale fried chicken company. The oldest restaurant is today’s popular ‘KFC’ In 1955, in just ten years, its branches and branches spread all over the world. Now, more than 600 branches of the KFC were started but a little gas station was started.


No Military colonel!

History of KFC is normal to make such mistakes if you do not live in Cantata. Many think that Colonel Sanders was at one time the head of the military team. The real event is that the common people of Kentucky, the great bureaucrat used to call Sanders respecting the colonel. And Sanders used this name to develop himself. But there is also a history of this name. Sanders succeeded at the very end of his life. As the title of ‘Colonel’ in 1935, when he opened the ‘Sanders Cafe’ in a dilapidated room inside the gas station and had a food business. But in 1949 Sanders accepted Colonel’s title in the form of a certificate. The special governor of Cantata gave this special honor. In the year 1950, Sanders began to present himself as a civilized person and the Colonel of Kentucky. Whiteboard, string tie, and white west coat present himself as a unique man, Sanders presented to all. And due to its expansion across the world, the colonel’s name is all the way, that Sanders has been honored last year. Turning to chicken taste, Sanders began to gain immense popularity in 950 by selling his own recipe to various US states. After being enthralled with his business and fresh taste, the common people of Kentucky called him the colonel.


Head hot sanders

Sanders learned the truth by stumbling from History of KFC the beginning of life. Many obstacles in front of the road to the path ahead. But Sanders himself was a bit angry and head warm. So maybe he never got rid of trouble or repeatedly came into trouble with him. Evidence of its rotation in the shell oil, gas station ‘Tells half an acre’ Sanders is worried about his future. Always thought about how to bring his business to a larger level. It was an aggressive marketing strategy that was thrown at his signature contract for signing his extensive fast-food campaign. This strategy is managed by Matt Stewart, director of a Standard Oil Gas Station near Shell Oil Gas Station. Sanders was told in the deal, “Stuart chose the path of fraud to break the campaign for Stuart Sanders’ business. After being aware of Sanders, the clash took place on Stuart. A murder case was found in the book ‘Colonel Sanders and the American Dream’ written by Josh Grazer. Unable to damage the reputation of Sanders, Stuart Shell gas station manager Robert Gibson was shot dead by serious injuries. Police detained the facts and arrested Stewart for 18 years in prison due to the incident. Even though Stewart was detained, Sanders had to face many questions.


After the sale of the suit

Colonel Sanders sold Kentucky fried chicken in 1964. History after not selling, later in 1971, to a US company, it sold for $ 2 million. But later, the Pontianak Colonel began to laugh at ‘History of KFC’ and its owners as a ‘suffocating group’. But this was the reputation of this Pontianak fried chicken a few times before, in the face of people. However, as a general customer of the company, Sanders liked the KFC’s food. His end was not over. Because he had a lot of roles in developing and improving this company. The colonel opened the restaurant called ‘The Lady Dinner House’ with his wife. This restaurant, however, comes to the market to compete with ‘KFC’. However, the stand of the plan was interrupted by the KFC spokesman Huber. Sanders then filed a lawsuit claiming 122 million. However, its settlement is subject to only 1 million compensation. For the sake of the greatness of this greatness, the penalty was very less. But the condition was that ‘KFC made kitchens with the convenience of cooking the sanders. As a result, Sanders also stopped campaigning against Pontianak fried chicken. Then Claudia Sanders Dinner House opened. The House is still serving delicious food to America’s eateries with a good name. KFC’s first franchisee  Sanders suffered losses in many ways but were not disappointed. In 1952, the Kantian Fried Chicken started with the only fried chicken. Later on, fast food items were added. Then the KFC’s first franchise was Sander son’s friend Pete Herman. Pete Herman excitedly did business in a huge restaurant. The friend started a new branch in Salt Lake City, dissatisfied with the pitfalls of KP’s tastes by friends of Pete Sander. Pitt Haman is the KFC’s first fixture and the first chain shop of the inauguration KFC was launched. According to Josh Sikorsky, ‘Do business with the restaurants near the Sanders station. Once upon a time, the friend took Pitt with him to open a new branch to expand his business circle. With Pee ta, Monica comes to Cantata. Then the bucket size box of KFC food served was different.Pitt signed the franchise agreement with Peter K. Sander for $ 105 for Pitt Herman. Later this little restaurant spread through 1942 new franchises in the country and abroad. Currently, there are 600 branches in KFC.


The curse of the colonel!

Hansen Tigers Boston Red Son have been failing in baseball for 50 years History of KFC. Its drought cuts in 2004. The incident was really amazing! In 1985, the Hansen Tigers won the first Japan series in history. Hansen Tigers won the series by losing to Japan’s baseball team Osaka. At stake at the end of the game, The supporters of the Oscars then got involved in the riots. Supporters blame Sander son’s image on the KFC shoe located outside the adjacent food mascot. Their idea is Oscars in the curse of Sanders. The scoffers gathered inside the shop, the statue of Sanders gathered at the bridge on the Oscars Tandoori River and placed the statues in the river in honor of their players.The colonel’s curse is said to be the root cause of losing her long tradition. Some devotees continue to spread prejudice because the group will not win the statues until they are recovered. The team lost the series in the year 2003 and the following year in the year before 2005. In 2009, the image of Colonel Sanders was recovered from the Tandoori River, but what the 2014 rate indicates is actually!

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