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Love is Blind

Love is Blind

Love is unconditional and blind

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If you ever fall in love, you would always pray that your lover loves you blindly. An unconditional love is always blind and crazy. This craziness is not only doing something show off or outrage but also keep loving silently. Love is blind.

A limitless love with no hesitation in mind is also known as altruism. This is a kind of love that gives you mental peace and happiness. Hence, living off the scientific terms, blind love moves a person toward noble causes. In most cases, animals are usually out of such blind love theory but if you look for pets like cats or dogs; you can find unconditional love among the lower minded animals.

  • What is Love
  • Definitions
  • True love history
  • Analysis
  • Loves fell
  • kinds of love
  • conclusion

Definition of love: Love is a strong Emotion. Nobody can’t Express what is love. It’s a filling. A great interest and pleasure in something which is called love.

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Dolphins are also a good example of feeling love for their owner. For a human, love is always a mental state. If you are nerdy enough to understand love through psychology; I must say, love, is a mental state of doing the best thing for your loved one without having any expectation of return or even return the love. In major religions, love is limitless love is described in many ways.

Love for God is a blind love. In other hands, God loves you unconditionally as well. The whole mother earth and nature loves all human being without any condition. In literature, blind love was projected in many ways.

True love history

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Romeo and Juliet are one of the most popular stories which shown blind love and their tragic consequences for them. This cute lovebird met in a party and fall in love with each other for the lifetime. But they came from Montague and Capulet family responsibly. These families hate each other for generations. Thus, indefinitely they came in between their love and upcoming affairs. The only relation that was viable among these families were hated only. Neither marriage nor love, Romeo, and Juliet were bounded to live at the most distance as possible. But if you love someone blindly, the whole world can not make you apart. Thus, they married each other in secret and prays that one day their family will be ok with this marriage. But the hate runs through ages, was not so easy to stop hold. Juliets family thus decided to marry her with Paris.

Loves fell: Loves fell never explain its a strong feeling. Loves come from” GOD”.

This socio crisis lets these two lovers feel duly that they love each other without any specific conditions. Although these problems were enough to make these couple leave each other Romeo, unfortunately, kills the brother of Juliet in a duel game. This makes him convicted to murder which was also helpful for Juliet’s family. Because they wanted to keep him away.

As Juliet’s parents were unknown of Romeo-Juliet’s secret marriage they took due preparation for her marriage with Paris and started celebrating on victory. Juliet strongly denied the proposal and started looking for alternative ways. So, she came up with an idea of pretending to be dead. So, she can be out of grip of Paris forever. She also had the intention of leaving her family for the sake of love.

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But to make this fake death more real, Juliet took sleeping medicines which can fake her death more believable to everyone. Romeo who was completely unknown of this plan was shocked and found his life valueless. Thus, she visited her grave and cried. Once he found life without Juliet is meaningless; he killed himself. But after the effect ended on Juliet’s sleeping potion; Juliet woke up and started looking for Romeo. Once she found Romeo death, she understood the whole faults. She started blaming herself and found that life without Romeo is same meaning as Romeo found without her. Thus, she killed herself to end this lonely life. This is a kind of love that knows no condition. This condition less love is blind love.

Analysis: If you find this love once, you are all set to have the best love partner. In the Asian region and even in some portion of the middle east, a more known true tale story is famous. It is of Laila and Majnu. Majnu whose true name was Qays Ibne Al- Muallawah or Qays in short. He was claimed to be a true person living in Arab. Laila was the most beautiful girl born in the richest family in Arabia and living with her family in high security.

kinds of love

affection and fertility. …
“Philia” or lovesome Love (Love for a friend)
“Storage” or acquainted Love (natural)
“Ludus” or selfish Love. …
“Mania” or psychoneurotic Love. …
“Pragma” or Enduring Love. …(married life)
“Philautia” or Self Love. …
“Agape” or unselfish Love.

It was the expectation from the family that, most beautiful and talented girl like Laila should be married in a well-known family with countless rich to maintain the whole life like a queen. But once, Qays saw her fall in love without a moment. Eventually, in every day this blind love of says increased and he started writing poems. Slowly, the story becomes known to everyone.

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Qays’s friends got to know and supported him. Some friends were also teasing him for his blind love and one-sided emotions. But time does not favor lovers, Laila’s family started looking for a groom of Laila and announced the search for a well-known family. Laila was also in complete love with Qays.

She was waiting when Qays will propose. Qays proposed Laila’s family for the marriage. But undoubtedly, he was refused with a great insult. The family understood that, if Laila would not have married right now, any unwanted situation may arise.

Without a delay, Laila was married to a rich family. Qays was shocked by this event. He left the city and disappeared in the jungle. Far away from Laila even if the family of Qays left his hope.

On the other hand, Laila was very disheartened by this issue and also waited for Qays. Eventually, after a few months, Laila died in sickness. Soon after she graved, Qays found dead to Laila’s grave.

He was with torn cloth and a stick in his hand. In the grave of Laila, he wrote with a stone that, I am driven mad by Laila which in Arabic use the word ”Majnun”. Thus the word Majnu came up instead of Qays.

download-1 Love is Blind

conclusion: This immortal love story never ended and till now when you think of a blind love in an unconditional way, such love stories will always come up in your mind. Love is blind, love is emotion, love is a power.

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