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Angry over US Army chief’s phone of myanmar burma

 Myanmar Burma

myanmar burma’s army chief General Min Aung Hlaing has said that the country’s deep concern about the Rohingya riots in Rakhine has been telephoned by Foreign Minister Rex Telaron. Speaking on the telephone on Thursday, Tyler urged the general to take effective steps to resolve the Rohingya crisis immediately. The Rohingya refugees flee to Bangladesh safely.Tillerson also urged the myanmar burma army to assist humanitarian assistance of displaced and infiltrated Rohingyas, access to media workers in the affected areas, and UN cooperation initiative to investigate the human rights violations of the Rakhine state. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Heather Bouvard said that Tyler Hansen told the Myanmar general, referring to the allegations of atrocities in Rakhine, and no conditions, in 1992, according to a joint statement (agreement) with Bangladesh, the Rohingya will have to make arrangements to return to their homes. The army will have to play this role in ensuring accountability. Tillerson condemned the terrorist attack on security forces in the Rakhine state on August 25 while speaking on the telephone. Since last August 25, about 6 lakh Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh. They are returning to Bangladesh border every day. The UN called the incident ‘ethnic cleansing’. The United States is also preparing to officially call it ‘ethnic cleansing’. Apart from this, US President Donald Trump is coming out in Asia next month. During this time, he will attend a conference of South Asian countries.New Delhi advises: Indian media has advised the US to advise the United States not to go to hardline against the Rohingya issue, Indian media reported. Rex Tyleron meets with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday before concluding the tour on Thursday, according to ‘Asian Age’ news from New Delhi. In these meetings, India advised the United States not to go to hardline against Myanmar. Because of the hardline, China’s authority in myanmar burma will increase further.

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The country will become completely dependent on China. As a result, the balance of power can be broken in South Asia.US Secretary of State has called on Rohingya to take shelter in Bangladesh to help return to Myanmar.The information was given by a US State Department press release yesterday. Within a week after addressing the Myanmar army chief for the torture of Rohingya, Telenor directly talked to him and expressed his concern over US concern and anger. The  US State Department’s statement said that Foreign Minister Rex Tyleron urged the Myanmar government to assist Myanmar’s senior general, Min Aung Hailiang, to solve the Rohingya issue as well as to help.

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