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Paradise Papers Scandal

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Paradise Papers is a huge database of financial transactions and ownership-related information on more than 25,000 companies in the world. The wealthy, well-known and influential people of 180 countries of the world are owned by these institutions. Originally, after these documents of a firm are leaked together, it has been named ‘Paradise Paper. Documents prove the tax evasion of the firm’s clients with secret investments, money laundering, and tax evasion. Most of the information is benefiting financially by politicians of different countries, who are involved in tax havens (taxes that are not taxed or very low-paying countries) to avoid tax. So this scandal has been named ‘Paradise Papers’. Paradis papers say that the people of 180 countries of the world have used their money in different places to save taxes. Several years ago the WikiLeaks data leaked the world shaking. Then, in 2016, the Panama Papers explosion took place. The sequence of events that led to the publication of secret documents again. This document has been named Paradise Papers. After the release of the document, there was a sudden scurry in the world. Here is the secret information of many powerful people in the world. Hundreds of political leaders and high profile people are named in this list. The secret document comes from US President Donald Trump, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the secret information of the powerful person. ICIJ, BBC, Guardian hostile event organized.They do not pay taxes or they can choose to invest in nominal taxes. Many have done these transactions behind all eyes. Some names of those who have been shocked about these investments have been published to make money. It is known that further names will be released. These documents first came into the hands of a German daily. Later, they handed over the documents to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The BBC, the Guardian, and the 100 media of different countries have received these documents. On November 5, ICIJ released the information on their website. 1 crore 34 lakh documents were investigated and how the industrialists and politicians removed money abroad. How to tax fraud in the different island countries, how to tax evasion.

Document source and leaks



Like last year’s leaked Panama papers, these documents come first in the hands of German daily Swedish Sightong. Later, they handed over the documents to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). There are more than 1400 gigabytes of data in this database of 1 crore 34 million hidden documents. Approximately 68 million documents are from offshore legal services company Appleby and corporate service agency Estera. Until Astara was separated in 2016, the two companies together operated in Appleby. More than 60 million documents were released from the Corporate Registry of 19 courts. Most of the courts in the Caribbean region The rest of the few documents have been found from the Singapore-based International Trust and Corporate Service Provider Asia City Trust. The documents leaked to the paragraph paper include information about 70 years from 1950 to 2016. The legal agency is located in Bermuda, the headquarters of Applebay. The organization has been working worldwide since the 1890s. This company helps their customers to work at lower or zero tax rates in the jurisdiction of foreign countries. So now it has become an offshore legal service provider, one of the ten largest organizations in the world.

Panama vs Paradise

In the April 2016, Panamera papers, circulating around the world, leaked tax evasion data. Like the Panamá Papers, the same German newspaper has leaked the meaning of the Paradis papers. Comparing two leaks? Let’s take a look at the basic information of Panama Paper vs. Paradise Papers- The number of documents leaked to Panama Paper was 15 million. The Paradis paper size is bigger. Because there are more than 1 crore 34 lakh documents in the document. But as the size of the database, Panama Paper is much larger than Paradis papers. Paradis papers data is 1400 GB, and data for data is 2,600 GB. The number of journalists involved in the search and leaks of Paradise information (381) more than Panama Paper (376). But as a media partner and related country, more than a hundred media partners from 76 countries were associated with Panama Paper. And ICIJ has added 96 media partners from 67 countries in Paradise Papers.

All information about top-level person

There are documents of wealth and economic activity of 127 politicians and government officials of at least 47 countries in the world including 14 current and former presidents of Paradise Papers. The document published in local time on Sunday was named Queen Elizabeth II, US President Donald Trump, King of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdul Aziz and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau all Raghav-Boal’s name. In addition to the names marisio myakari Argentina’s president, the prime minister of Iceland ganalegasana Sigmund, President of the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi’s Emir Khalifa Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the President of Ukraine Petro prasenako, Brazilian Agriculture Minister belairo boragesa Maggie, Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam kahamba kutesa, Australia’s former Chancellor Alfred Goose Nabauyara, former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, Brian mularone, John kretiyena, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shawkat Aziz, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Libyan President Ellen Johnson Sarrell, Jordanian Queen Noor Al-Hussein, US Secretary of State Rex Tyleron, Commerce Minister Wilbur Lewis Ross Junior, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s brother Deng Jiangui, Russia’s Presidency A close friend of Putin’s three-Arcadio ratenabarga, Boris and Sergey ratenabarga raladujina, Yen Cameron, father of former British Prime Minister, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, and more than 100 people named.

Queen Elizabeth’s investment information abroad

The allegation of investing abroad for tax evasion was raised against Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. According to the news agency AP news, the information collected by the International Consortium of Journalists shows that Queen Elizabeth II of the UK has invested 10 million pounds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. From 2004 to 2005, the private manager of the financially invested money in the Duchy of Lancaster. Another organization named Bright House also has his investment information. The British royal family has enormous resources near the Duchy of Langster. His responsibility is to increase wealth for the Queen. In one statement, they admitted to investing outside of Britain. However, their claims have been invested with the law. The statement further said, “We do a lot of work on investment. There are some investments outside the country.All our investments are audited and legal ‘Queen Elizabeth II has a lot of wealth in Britain. Taxes are paid for the income that comes from them. The assets of the Queen include luxurious houses, valuable artwork, and jewelry. Rani himself owns the legendary swan river of the Thames River legally. The new controversy is expected to demand the removal of the monarchy and demanding full republican reaffirmation.

Justin Trudeau questioned

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been questioned in Paradise Papers. Stefan Branfman has cooperated most of his election financially. Branfman gave $ 2.5 million to Trudeau in just two hours during the election. The secret document shows that Branfman and his company invested nearly six million dollars in the Cayman Islands. But Trudeau repeatedly showed his position against ‘offshore’ investment. Many claims that this investment in the name of Bronfman’s name is Trudo? Justin, however, can not avoid liability.

Donald Trump’s Russia Connection talks again

Since being elected to the United States, allegations of secret involvement with Russia were raised against Trump Now the Paradis papers have made the allegations faster. It is said that Wilber Ross was financially supported Donald Trump in the nineties. Trump, as the result of his or her contribution to the trade secretary. There has been much debate about this appointment. Leaked secret documents show that Ross is involved in an organization that ships oil and gas to the Russian company. Through this year, Wilbur Ross earned millions of dollars in a year. But the matter is that, the company with Wilbur Ross, the partner of Vladimir Putin’s partner and two other people. All of them are banned from the United States. Not only the juice, Trump administration’s chief financial adviser Gary Con, Foreign Minister Rex Tyleron and Finance Minister Steven Manchin is also involved in the investment in other countries, in secret documents. Not only that, the number of people and organizations in the US is highest in these documents. Of the 1 million 34 million documents, US documents 31,180. As a result, it is being speculated that there are still much big corporate tax leakage and hidden investment information left to be leaked. Soon all of them will come forward.

714 Indians person

The latest document of financial scandal comes from 714 Indian names. After 18 months of leaking Panama paper leakage of this financial scandal has been leaked. In the list of tax evasion organizations, India’s position in the list of 180 countries is 19. Indian companies are second in the list of Applebay clients worldwide. According to India Today, the total number of 714 people in India is in this paradise paper. The list of Bollywood celebrities including Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt’s wife Manya Dutta, Union minister Jayant Singh, corporate lobbyist Aardh Radia and Ashok Seth, chairman of Fortis Associates Heart Institute, and several leaders and ministers are on the list.

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