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 Time person of the year


Time Magazine has declared ‘Time person of the Year’ since 1927. Throughout the year, the media have selected the most influential, good-bad, notable personalities, organizations or organizations in the media as the best. This time there was no exception. Time magazine released a short list of 10 people nominated for Time Person of The Year’ in 2017. All of the people are real hero in the world. there are criticized in the society in different ways.Every person of the Year wants to catch his personality, but they have to some of working on his hand and already super viral in social media.President Donald Trump has been chosen runner-up on this list. Soon after that the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping. In addition, North Korean President Kim Jong UN, Wonder Woman maker Patty Jenkins, and anti-racist soccer player Colin Ciaparpanic Time Person of The Year on the list are given below :

Jeff Bezos

CEO, Amazon

Untitled-1-12-300x225 person of the year in the world


Top of the world richest Jeff Beas tops Bill Gates. He is the founder and chief executive of Amazon.com, the world’s largest online retailer. This year, Base’s $ 9 billion worth of assets will go up to $ 500 million from Bill Gates. The company’s head office in Seattle is located in the United States Time person of the year.

Amazon has huge investment and far-reaching plans as ‘the world’s largest consumer-centric company’. The former bookseller company is now the largest online retailer in the United States. More than half of the money spent on new customers are in their pockets. The world’s top cloud service providers are now Amazon. Amazon is the world’s fifth most valuable company after calculating $ 40 billion worth of market capitalization.

Other companies like Amazon did not get so much evaluation by showing so little profit. The company has valued 92 percent of the probability that profit will come after 2020. Meanwhile, Amazon is working with a far-reaching goal. He insists on continuous investment. His goal is to increase further investment in the e-commerce and Amazon Web Services business. Jeff Bezos made himself at this level by using a new method of action. And so he was also in the discussion during the Time person of the year.


The Dreamers

Protecting immigration rights


Through the Dreamers project, thousands of immigrants without legal papers are living in the United States Time person of the year. They came to the United States in childhood by their parents. When there was no sense of right and wrong in them. If they have any responsibility, then their parents or parents. These children grew up in America’s environment. Here’s everything to them. But there was no validity in the United States for a long time. Different times due to government changes they had to read various problems. Barack Obama was tolerant enough for such kind of children. They also set aside policies for them. By doing this, the lives of these illegal people continue to be good, but suddenly there is a fondness for him. The new law issued within a few days after the trump administration started its journey. Barack Obama canceled the rule of tolerance without complying with any law for them. In such circumstances, the future of such children becomes uncertain. The Dreamers Project comes forward in such a situation. They started the protest movement on this issue. Such movements are under the Dreamers project so that President Donald Trump arrives in agreement with the Democrats not to return illegal immigrants who live in America.

Patty Jenkins



The young generation of the whole world is full of superheroes. But with time, he brought some change in the idea and gained popularity. Super Heroine. Wonder Woman has proved that women are not lagging behind. Starting from the box office, super loving movie person found the taste of a new experience. And as a filmmaker, Patti Jenkins has achieved success in the box office and made history in Hollywood. Patti took the highest salary as a woman maker. Wonder Woman received about one million US dollar remuneration for managing. At the same time, the amount of money will be touched by 10 million dollars. And this is the highest remuneration that any female filmmaker can get into the history of Hollywood. Of course, for Patti, it did not have to reduce the bargaining with Warner Brothers, the production firm. Wonder Woman cost $ 10.5 million to build The film has earned only about $ 40 million in the United States so far. The film’s earnings of around $ 80 million In the meantime, Gal has contracted for Wonder Woman II. With him, Chris Pine will also be in the new film. The film will be released on December 13, 2019. Due to such innovations, Patty has been prominent in the world media throughout Timeperson of the year…..

Kim Jong Un

North Korean President



Workers Party of Korea’s First Secretary, North Korean Central Military Commission and National Defense Commission Chairman and Supreme Chief of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong UN North Korea’s first hydrogen bomb was signed by the signature of successful testing. Through hydrogen bomb testing, Kim reminded the world that he has no concerns about the threat, pressure, and the international community. He showed Donald Trump to his thumb in all the time. In the media, the name of Kim Jong UN was first mentioned in September 2010. After taking over the country’s administration at the very young age, most observers had thought that at least three years old senior adviser and father of junior army officers would be responsible for the duties. But by not doing so, the country’s three top advisors who were nervous did not delay to change their mind. One of the advisors was arrested in front of the camera in a government meeting The next week’s death sentence. In addition, he did many different types of bizarre work. Variety of hair, variation in dress and purity campaign against top officials – Everything has become the world leader in a satirical character. In this year, Kim Jong UN has been discussed as a bizarre character all over the world for Time person of the year.

Colin Copernic

Rugby players



The anti-tram propaganda protests are going on throughout the year throughout the United States. It has taken part in various programs and people including the players. Such a protest came from rugby player Colin Ceyopernick. RobertsonFranciscoCo Football Team’s Quarterback Colin Ciapernic He was in discussions throughout the year by opposing racism in the Trump administration. The rule is that the players respected the country while standing in the national anthem at the beginning of the game. But before the start of the Colin Copenhagen game, he did not stand in front of the national anthem against the racialism of the Trump administration. In the face of criticism of Trump, the protest continues to grow year after year. His heat spreads to the whole world. Colin was known as he knew more than that since the incident. But usually, the stars kept themselves above their politics and played a non-partisan role. In the national crisis or by the political need of the country, stars usually play an inactive role to keep themselves out of criticism. But Colin was an example for others to come out of this kind of image. And that’s why Colin Ciaparpanic’s name appears on the list of best personalitiesTim person of the year.

Me Too

Against sexual harassment



To create awareness of sexual harassment, the world is stirring around the ‘#m II’ campaign. Time Magazine has won the title of the most influential in 2017. The participants of this movement referred to ‘The Silence Breakers’, which has been the fastest expansion of social changes in decades. Hundreds of women started this movement, in some cases the men came forward and started telling their personal stories. In 2006, black woman Tarana Burke started the ‘Mei Two’ movement against sexual violence. After this, Hollywood actress Alice Milano started the campaign of ‘My Two’ hashtag after sources of Hollywood producer Harvey Winston’s sexual scandal. In order to publish sexual abuse and harassment incidents and to encourage women, this campaign has become popular in social media. At one time during the campaign against sexual violence, men joined the women as well. In the social media, they talk about their sexual harassment. Tarana Burke told, ‘I never thought that I am doing something to change the whole world. I just wanted to change my own society. This is not just a moment, a movement. Now his work has started.

Robert Mueller

FBI Director


Robert Mueller is a lawyer in the profession. Earlier, for the last 12 years, the intelligence agency FBI has been appointed as the director. But recently, Robert Muller came to investigate the alleged Russian intervention in the US elections. The US Justice Department said that the investigation was done to anyone outside the administration in the interest of the American people. Donald Trump disputes James Komiki for the same post. There was a complaint against Trump, he gave secret information about the US government’s suppression of terrorism in the hands of Russian officials. The investigation was given to FBI chief James Komi. Meanwhile, Trump asked him to stop the investigation. As a result, James Komi was dismissed. Robert Muller’s name comes out. The US intelligence agency believes that Moscow tried to favor Republicans for the election results. The FBI and the Congress are investigating this matter. Since James F. K. Komi was fired from the FBI’s director’s post, there was a demand for appointment of a special person to investigate the incident Time person of the year. After the announcement of Robert Muller’s name, the deputy attorney general said that anyone in the administration has been entrusted with this investigation to the public’s interest. Robert Muller was also featured with such tactics.


Prince Salman

Saudi Arabia


The name of son Muhammad bin Salman came to be discussed after the current Saudi King Saudi King came to power in 2015. The father is the father of the Crown Prince. Muhammad bin Salman’s cousin, Muhammad bin Nayef, was removed from this post immorally. Because, after the death of Muhammad bin Nayef’s father Naif bin Abdul Aziz, Salman bin Abdul Aziz was elected as Crown Prince. After becoming a father, Salman took charge as Defense Minister. Then the military campaign launched in Yemen under the leadership of Saudi Arabia This resulted in accusations of massive human rights violations against Saudi Arabia and its allies. Muhammad bin Salman is also given the responsibility of the deputy Crown Prince and President of Saudi Arabia’s Council on Economics and Development. Then Muhammad bin Salman announced a comprehensive step for the social and economic change of Saudi Arabia, aimed at 2030. This includes the collapse of the family’s royalty business. He used to unilaterally use power. Representing father outside the country, son visits Beijing, Washington Many such arbitrators accused Salman of corruption. That’s why he was discussed and criticized throughout time person of the year.


Donald Trump

US President


 The 45th President of the United States Donald Trump In addition to this, his identity includes wealthy businessmen, large-scale investors, prominent social personalities and author’s identity. He is also the director of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment. Trump, son of Fred Trump, a native of New York City’s locality. He took father’s inspiration in building the real estate business as his career. Trump announces the nomination for the 2016 presidential election under the Republican Party on 16 June 2015. Having been able to attract media attention and public support with previous campaign activity. In the Republican Party nomination, election from July 2015, he consistently stayed in the first row. In the elections held on 8 November 2016, he was elected president of 306 Electoral Elections.
From the very beginning, he is a media persona At the beginning of the debate, we came to the discussion to avoid all the norms of the convention. Initially, the Obama Administration’s Health Care to Immigration Policy changed. Massive changes in tax regulations and these controversial policies embarrass the public Time person of the year. The record shows a record number of tweets.


Shi Xinping

Chinese President

Untitled-1-12-300x225 person of the year in the world

At present, China’s President, Chairman of the State Central Military Council, Secretary General of the Communist Party of China and Chairman of the Central Military Council of the Communist Party, Mr. Xi Jinping. He is known as one of the top political personality of the People’s Republic of China Timeperson of the year. He is the son of late CPL leader Shi Jongshan. Jinping’s birthplace started his political career in Fujian Province. Later, he served as the party chief of the neighboring Zhejiang province. Jinping came to the central level politics of Shanghai by taking responsibility as head of the party of Shanghai. Shi Xinping is known for his bold position against corruption and the open policy on reforming political and market economics. Due to current responsibilities and special principles, he is considered to be Hu Jintao’s possible successor. The party is considered to be one of the fifth generation leaders. As the constitution of the Communist Party, the second five-year plan in China is determined and implemented. When those policies are implemented, Xi Jinping becomes the most powerful leader. His reputation spread widely throughout the world. He is considered as the person of the year by the Time person of the year. Shi Xinping was born in 1953 in Beijing. He was one of the leaders of the Communist guerrilla movement in Shansi province of northern China. Seeing the father repeatedly faced obstacles, Jinping said. From his father, he started learning different types of politics. Then took part in Mao Zedong’s down to the countryside program. In 1969, he was appointed as the head of the sub-group for the production of the Communist Party in Shanxi province. His whole life is involved in politics.



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