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The smallest country in the world

The smallest country in the world

small-country-in-the-world-300x225 The smallest country in the world


Every person has a question. How many countries in the world? It’s a common question but we do not know this answer. When it is recognized by the united nation then the answer is 192. There are the different country in the world. Many countries are big and many of country are the smallest country in the world. If we add all the pieces of land under jurisdiction by other countries, like Montoya, Micronisation, Vatican City, Monaco, Island Country Nauru, Tuvalu, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Christmas Island add some of the smallest country in the world then the country name almost stands 247. Let’s know, some of the world’s smallest countries.


6  Acre country Molosya



Bog, age 51 The President claims himself Country name Molosya This is the micronation of six people in six-acre zamindars in southern California.

In 2003, Mr. Bug bought a piece of land in the desert. Build houses in the rough area of the United States of North California. He is happy to spend time with his family members. Two years later, he bought some more land his land and sat with minor zamindari. The property of the father-in-law and the newly purchased land stood at about 11 acres. There were four acres of land in this 11 acres. ? Yes, Bog announced to the world as an owner of an independent country. In 2015, it was reported that Bog Molossia was named as his own country. People living in their own land will be citizens of this country. Not only in words but also in the work. In November of 017, the name of Molossia was named the Republic of Molossia. The President of the country himself claimed bog The United States did not recognize Maloshiya as the smallest country in the world. Now Molosiya is called, the world’s smallest Micronesia. At present, its land area is 6.3 acres. Six people are citizens As a member of the list, 32 others in the list wrote. Has its own flag, national anthem, and exchange currency.

Micronisation of 4 square meters


Often heard, some have announced the independent country. In these countries, citizens are two or ten people. These are actually called micronation. As a new country, if someone claims to be independent, then he is termed as a micronation. Internationally these countries have no recognition. International organizations also do not accept these countries. Only because there is no occupation is known to be the claim of these countries. There are many microns or the smallest country in the world. Some of these are on the top of the hill, some of which are again in the sea. No one land in the desert, no man’s land. Among the micronations, C is the most discussed. Its full name is Principality of Sea-Land. This floating country is about 12 kilometers deep from the coast of England. Actually, it’s a tower. Pedi Roy Bates claims that this tower is a separate country in the sea. In 1967, Beats declared himself the title of the Prince. Citizens of C-Land are now a citizen after Bates died. His son Michael.

The smallest Vatican City


A city in Rome. Independent, recognized state Vatican City. This country operates the pope of Christian giants. The number of people living in 110 acres of land is 1,500. It is the smallest country in the world considering the land and the population. Although recognized as an independent country, Vatican does not want to compare the City with all the ruling powers of the world. For this reason, there is no army in this country. But Italy’s 110 troops have full security in the Vatican City. Dharmaguru Pope Vatican is called the ‘Ceremonial Chief’. The Vatican is getting full state status. The governance system here has its own system and method.

Richest person of Country  Monaco 



Not a millionaire. Monaco country’s owner of thousands of money. Contrary to the population, there is no other country in the wealth of wealthy people. Monaco is just 2 square kilometers wide. Treasures of stars and stars in this country. The big people in Monaco have chosen entertainment and accommodation as well. There are playgrounds, expensive restaurants, gambling halls. On one side France and the three side Mediterranean Sea Monaco. Makhamakhi Monaco population of natural beauty now has 38 thousand people. In this 2 square kilometer country, the crowd is shocking. Manacote car racing Formula One was organized. There is no big factory here. The wealthy people of different countries rushed Monaco.

Island Country Nauru



Many people make the mistake of calling the Maldives the smallest island country in the world. In fact, he will be felicitated by Nauru. Only 21 square kilometers is the smallest country in the world, the country is spread over half square kilometer. The Oceania region was considered by many to be an island in Australia. But Nauru is a free country. Nauru came to the discussion in 1980. There was a terrible accident here to lift the phosphate. Nauru now has a population of 10 thousand. Nauru government has only given jobs to 1 thousand of these people. The rest are unemployed. Many people in Nauru are also called obese people. About 9 thousand people out of 10 thousand people are suffering from excessive bone or obesity.

Natural Beauty Tuvalu



Tuvalu, a small island between Hawaii and Australia. Who would know that it is an independent country like the United States, Russia, India? Tuvalu received independence in 1978. Only 26 square kilometers of this country that many independent countries will not want to accept. Many people just come here to think the island. Then they have different coins, national anthem, flags all. 189th member of the UN member states Tuvalu. Here comes a large part of the income from the business. The ocean ships stop here, the market is sitting. And to the tourists, it is a beautiful destination like heaven. Everyone in the country of 10 and 10 thousand people is happy. No one lacks money. Tuvalu nation of well-educated people.


Alpine country Liechtenstein

The rule of this country is in the hands of Prince Liechtenstein. Lichtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world. The capital city is Vaduz. People here speak German. The country was separated from the German Confederation in 1866. In the remote mountainous region, the cold weather of Lichtenstein’s cold weather keeps people all year round. In this 160 square kilometer country, there are more than 37 thousand people. Although it sounds 160 square kilometers, most of it is the mountain. Flatland of residence is very low. Small towns have been built on the hills in the hills. As neighboring countries, they have received Austria and Switzerland. Liechtenstein is known as the small country of Pinn because of its abundant alpine tree.

Advanced San Marino


Italian Peninsula Appane Mountain around San Marino is a small country surrounded by mountains. This is the third the smallest country in the world in Europe in terms of population. The population of San Marino in the range of 61 sq km is now 33,300 people. This is the fifth smallest country in the world. In addition, San Marino is called the oldest among the world’s independent countries. The financial condition of San Marino is very good. It is one of Europe’s countries as GDP. This country has more than 60 thousand dollars of Kapita. It is on top of the list of developed countries. There is no unemployment in San Marino. Less is more associated with earnings. The streets of the city are always covered with noise. San Marino is fascinated by Mount Titano tourists. 

The sorted Marshall Islands

Micronesia is a country marshal islands As well as many Micronesia, as well as many of the Marshall Islands, cannot recognize first as many independent countries. The Marshall Islands are independent countries since 1989. Separate from the United States, they themselves have developed their own governance system. States in the Pacific Ocean region wanted to maintain their dominance. But the inhabitants of different islands could not accept it. So they are breaking the whole one. Micronesians start continuously. He was born in the series the Marshall Islands. This country, arranged in a row of small islands. Since 1982, the number of people in the Marshall Islands continues to grow. But 92 percent of the people here are ethnic communities.

Popular kitts island to tourists



In 1983, St. Kitts separated from the UK. The full name is St. Kitts and Nevis. The country, which has been named in the Commonwealth, has taken control of the country since 1967. Looking at the map, Saint Kitts is located in the corner of the Western Hemisphere. The country recognized as the motherland of West Indies or West India. Europeans were first occupied by the islands. There are about 54 thousand people in this country, about 261 square kilometers. This is the eighth smallest country in the world. They have their own production facilities or factories. Apart from this, most people are dependent on sea resources. The tourists are very much liked by the tourists to travel around the sea.

One person country!



Many people have confirmed the concept of Micronesia by declaring an independent the smallest country in the world along with zamindari on their own land. Although there is no recognition, they swear that they are their own country. From Micronesia’s idea, India’s software engineer has announced that the country is separate from its own. This bundle was well-known on the no man’s land in the border region of the two countries. Going around, you claim yourself as the king of a country. He planned to go to Egypt for a trip. This area is not covered by any country between Egypt and Sudan. Take a six-hour drive by yourself and reach the desired goal. Then he declared himself king of the year. They established a flag of their own country and sown the seeds of some trees. Posted on Facebook, the state’s name is “Kingdom of Dixit”. He also published his national flag in the post. Not only this, he also announced the name of the lizard as a national animal. Besides, he appointed his brother as the country’s executive prime minister and military chief. The father gave birth to the President’s responsibility as a birthday gift. ‘King Dikshit’ is not the first person here as the claimant of the kingdom. Earlier, an American citizen came here to make his daughter the princess of this region.  

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