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History Of White House

About the white house

History-of-white-house-300x225 History Of White House


The white house is in Washington DC in the US. The House, at the same time, the US president’s office and residence of his family. Human curiosity is not less about the pictures and news of the White. Tourists from abroad and abroad also came here to visit. The House got accustomed to the global leader and the celebration of the celebrations. The ghosts in the House are widely discussed around the world. In the religious and national festivals, the image of the House is completely changed. Here the festive atmosphere is created here, keeping in mind the sentiments of the President of the United States. The House always puts a different application in the world of curiosity  House.


Target when the White House

The House has been targeted at different times, the target of terrorists. The house is wrapped in strict security as the US President’s Office and the residence of his family. Yet, sometimes the terrorists have attacked the defenses of security, here.

In 1840 a drunken man threw stones at the President. In 1912, Michael Winter attacked the city. For the first time, when the gatekeepers leave the security gate, the person tries to enter again after a few minutes. No longer discounted. He was arrested and a sharp knife was recovered from his pocket. After the capture of the knife, big events occurred in 1976. The year of the shooting of the first shot during the entry into the House was that year. A taxi driver named Chester Plummer tries to overtake the 8-foot wall of the White House. At the same time, the President’s spy fired at him targeting him. To remove the word ‘In God We Trust’ from the US currency, Anthony Henry, a man trying to enter the White House with a hand in Karate Suit, was asked to enter the House. In October 1994, the Francisco Martin Duran building opened fire on 29 rounds. He was also arrested at this time. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison. In 2001, President George W. Bush was then a few feet away from his personal residence. The House fired a few rounds of bullets targeted by Robert Pickett, a former IRNS accountant. But did not last long. Ten minutes later he was arrested by the intelligence agencies. In November 2011, President Barack Obama fired eight rounds of anti-antiterrorism and fled the country, named Oscar Ramero.

Five days after the incident, he was arrested at a Pennsylvania hotel. After 25 years in jail was given. In the event of June 9, 2013, a man named Joseph Crofford caused a strange incident. Hitting the security gate of the White House with a junkless jeep. However, he claimed that he was a bipolar disorder patient. But it did not wash. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The White House is not a good thing to handle

History-of-white-house-300x225 History Of White House

The Newly Challenged Waiting for the President to the Newly Powered Party After the US Presidential Election Although the President’s power shift is now through one of the world’s best practices, the situation was different in the last decade. Since Barack Obama came to power, the images of the White House’s responsibility reaching the new president are seen by people in a peaceful atmosphere. But from where the harassment came – such a question could arise. Let’s know the history of President Bush’s arrival in the White House. Republican George W. Bush won the slightest margin in 2000. He came to the White House. He used to eat a lot of dhimmis. There is a wide variety of trap leaves inside the entire White House, and if you have foot, you will get screwed like a fool. Apart from this, there must be an hasta in the name of fun, it is also arranged well.

The goods were broken down. The charge was to the staff of Democrat Bill Clinton. They left the White House before they were stabbed. In the White House, men’s bathrooms have been found to be written by the people who wrote several types of things on the wall. They were offensive and obscene. Office of desks too violently Oily and glue poured a few things and left them all wasted. The telephone answering machine cannot be dropped. There were also recorded pornographic messages. Harassment is not the end here The W. Charter has been removed from several computer keyboards. In which the W character was inverted and then restrained. Telephone extensions were not working in a particular room. Not only George W. Bush, first of all, the Presidents of the White House have to be in such harassment.

At the highest level, the federal government has 2,000 posts – a new president has changed it. There is no need to understand the fact that the White House is not meant to handle it.

Ghost ghosts

 Always is heard about the loss of ghosts in deserted, almost deserted forest. The ghosts of the ghost, or the tears, the songs of the song and the rostrate spread many times through the mouth. Even if there is no evidence, the number of people claiming to be ghosts is not less than that. That’s why the president of the US presidential house ghosts! It’s a bit overgrown. But do not come to understand this. They are not interested in ghosts. And if that is the ghost of the White House then stay there. Yes, the rumors of ghosts of the ghosts in the White House have not rumored anymore. It’s not just frightening to panic and fear. In fact, the White House said the ghosts of ghosts were there while the officials and employees working there. In the night the body raises are here. The building of the huge palace houses the atmosphere in the dark of night. If the man becomes less busy, the sultry environment is created inside the house. The thorns give a slight word. The White House’s most popular or fear-inspiring ghost is none other, former United States President Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln entered this house on horseback when he passed midnight. Then, or the gardens of the house and the alley of the house Being troubled by ghosts, another President Henry Truman wrote to his wife, ‘I live in a terrible place on earth’. After analyzing this letter with a letter written by the State’s dictator, one of the most powerful states, many think that he may be in pain of ghosts. The stories of the White House ghosts are heard by the employees here President William Henry Harrison is still sitting at the White House Oval Office! Is it a word Who does not know, he died in the office due to pneumonia. On hearing this, everyone rushed to the pen. But he was not seen there again. The shadow of the shadow was not stopped by the White House. Another incident can be called. the 1970s Suddenly President Henry Truman’s bodyguard suddenly started to run away. He heard clearly that someone cried again and again, ‘I am David Burn’. Who is this David Burn? Nobody knows, he did not find him. The owner of the White House’s land was David Burn. Even after the death of the poor, the White House did not leave the Maya. Many people know the pictures of the President’s press conference. The place is named Rose Garden. The 18th Century First Lady Rose Garden was founded. After one century, First Lady Ellen Wilson ordered the Garden to be overturned. Those who work in the garden began to argue that Dolly Madison’s spirits orbiting the Garden.

In the White House’s basement, there is a bad name for the incomprehensible spirits. During the rebuilding of the White House basement in 1950, there was a huge cat. Many people see small cats again. President Truman once said, Abraham Lincoln or his door tightened. In response to a 2002 incident. The guests coming to the White House of the service also saw Adams’s wife, Abigail, in the room on the west side of the second floor.

Once again a British soldier was seen. During the war of 1812, the British army wanted to set fire to the house, he was seen in the house. Linder B Johnson’s daughter Linder demanded another time, whether he saw President Lincoln’s son Willie. Surprisingly, Willie Master had more time in the bedroom and died here. The Yellow Oval Room was President Lincoln’s Personal Library. Many people say that the Lincoln is often standing on the window of the room. First Lady Grace Chloe also made the same claim. The White House’s front door is not removed from the mythological mystery. Many said that the British soldiers are still performing their duties!

Secret tunnels

History-of-white-house-300x225 History Of White House

 In the 1950’s, Truman’s orders became more focused on building a secret tunnel. The new security arrangement is arranged at that time. That’s why big plans were taken. The secret of the White House under the ground in which it was implemented was a fairytale. Many people suspect that this secret tunnel may be linked to the White House and the Pentagon. The construction work under the soil with concrete and steel beams. A new secret corridor is thought to have been made with the east and west buildings of the White House. Besides, the bomb shelter was built. This protected house will also provide shelter to the president and state top officials even after the horrific nuclear bomb exploded. In 1987, many others demanded to build secret tunnels. It is known that construction of this secret tunnel under the feet of the Oval Office of the President where the President is sitting.



The name of the White House but was not the first White House. It was called the President’s Palace, the Presidency House Executive Mansion … as the president and the official office of the President of the United States. The construction of this palace was started in 1792. The end was in 1800. It was then called as the most expensive palace in the United States. At that time, the cost of construction of the White House was more than $ 32,000. The birthplace of the Irishman James Hoban made the design. The stone was used to make the building. So the White House was not that white, it is clear. However, it is used as the official residence of the President of the United States from the beginning. About 12 years after the completion of the construction In 1812, the United States joined the war with England. During the war, on August 24, 1814, the British army burnt the White House. The building is damaged quite well. As soon as James Hoobn’s suggestion, the construction work was started. The end was in 1817. There was a responsibility to recognize the building in the burnt flames. Because of this, the new color is fitted to the last stage of the construction work. In many places of the building, white paint is given on its wall to cover the scars of smoke and fire. Since then this white house has been called ‘White House’ or ‘white house’. Although officially the name of the White House was introduced later. About 85 years. In 1901, the then President of America, Theodore Roosevelt, officially used this name in various papers.

How many things in the white house? 

► There are 132 rooms in the White House as well as 16 families. The kitchen also has a variety of shares. An original kitchen, a diet cookie, and other family kitchens.

► There are 132 rooms in the White House, 35 bathrooms.

► There are 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 stairs and 3 elevators in the 6th tall White House. Here are 17,000 employees and officials working here.

► President James Pollock took the first picture in the White House. President Roosevelt first flew into the White House. He was the first President who traveled outside the United States. However, President Franklin Roosevelt was also involved in another first. He was the first president to fly in the plane.

► There is a large kitchen in the White House. Each time 140 guests from this kitchen have the same capacity as for dinner. There are also arrangements for breakfast for 1 thousand guests at one go.

► 570 gallons of color is needed to color the wall outside the entire White House.

► More than 30 thousand visitors visit the White House every week. In addition, 65 thousand letters a week, around 3,500 phone calls, 1 lakh e-mails and 1,000 faxes come to the White House address.

► The building has a playroom, jogging track and tennis courts with a movie theater, bowling game, indoor and outdoor pool, billiards and ping-pong tables.  Otherwise

► Earlier this year, a White House official said, the responsibility of the mice in the West Building of the White House. Apart from this, the White House Navy room has been requested for paste control.

► The White House official has an officer who records the TV program required for the president and his family. They missed the show due to being busy with official and personal work.

► The office of the President of the House has a personal dentist for dental treatment in the office.

►With the change of power of the House, it takes only six hours to leave the White House to the President and his family. For 93 the staff helped to reverse the accessories.

► This picture is considered as one of the world’s shaky pictures. Former US president Richard Nixon and rock singer Elvis Presley joined hands. The events of 1970. America’s most popular singer, Rock and Roll’s father, Elvis Priscilla, was 35 years old. He appeared in the White House at President Nixon’s residence in the United States. Later, he had to leave the power gate scam and he had to leave the power. In the US National Archive History, the film was named as the Most Recognized Photographer.






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