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Top 10 universities In The World

             Famous University in the world


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The famous University of Ghana is collecting knowledge. And teachers are undoubtedly the man-made craftsmen. The bright students have the dreams to read in the Famous University In The World. Many parents also want their children to study in these famous university studios and climb the fame of fame. Every year, various educational research institutes conduct surveys of higher education programs spread famous university in the world. The standards of these universities are set in different categories in different categories.most of famous university stay in Europe country.

1. Massachusetts Institute of technology


The first place is Famous University in the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Although Vidyapitha is primarily for physiology and engineer research, it is also widely recognized in the fields of biology, linguistics, economics, and management. The University was established in 1861 in Cambridge, United States. The history of scientific discovery and technical contribution holds the success of the famous academy. Penicillin’s first chemical reaction research, radar development, Coeur detection and magnetic core memory innovation have taken the unique edge to unique heights. There are five separate schools in the educational institution. The schools are – Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Humanities, Industrial and Social Sciences, Management, and Science. For more than 11 thousand students, there is one thousand faculty in this seminar. “MIT students are now involved in many other developmental studies, including Digital Education Management, Big Data, Stainable Energy, Human Health. Among the former students of the university, there are 85 Nobel laureates, 58 scientists, former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and 29 United States researchers and innovators.

2. Stanford University


Stanford University is the second place in the same list with the California Institute of Technology. The famous Vidyapitha was established in 1885 for research. The Vidyapith built on 8 thousand 180 acres of land comprises 18 research buildings and seven huge campuses. The campuses are – Graduate School of Business, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Science School, Graduate School of Education, School of Engineering, Humanities and Science, Law School and Medicine School. The university has 16 thousand 300 students for 2,808 faculty and 1,800 Doctorate Degree specialists. 19 Nobel laureates, two presidents, 17 astronauts and many well-known scholars, studied closely with the United States’ Silicon Valley.

3. Harvard University


Harvard is one of the oldest schools in the world. In 1636, this prestigious educational institution was established. In 1638 it was named after the head of the University of John Harvard. Its position in the list of trusts is at number three. The University of Ivy League was the homestead of making many famous people. Out of the famous academy, 45 Nobel laureates, 30 statesman, and 48 Pulitzer winners completed the golden section of the study. In Harvard history, 52,000 students from 3,23,000 students came to study from the countries of the country. 13 American Universities from Harvard University received honorary degrees, among them John F. Kennedy was one of the tops. The Vidyapith in Massachusetts has 12 schools, two theaters, and 5 museums.

 4. California Institute of Technology


California Institute of Technology in the United States of America. The name says that Vidyapith is recognized for the world’s renowned science and engineer research. University established in 1891, is a private university in Pasadena, California. The mercury is known as Caltek. Students answer complex questions in this institution. Caltech has six academic departments, which always emphasize science and technology, research and innovation. Very few people are privileged to study in this school. The number of famous among the former students of Vidyapith is not less. 35 Nobel Laureates and 71 American Medal of Science and Technology Awardees. Most of NASA’s design and operation of the spacecraft is overseen by the California Institute of Technology. Vidyapitha has a big contribution in the field of various nationalities of the United States.

5. University of Cambridge


The university was ranked at number four on last year’s list. This year has come down to five. Cambridge University was founded in 1209. Among the English speaking universities, Cambridge is the second oldest university in the world. Even among the oldest universities in the world, Vidyapith is fourth. 18 thousand students of the world took lessons from the 800-year-old university. The University of Cambridge is divided into 31 colleges, where students get the opportunity to study at 150 faculties. The university has its own six old schools. There are more than 100 million books in more than 100 libraries around Cambridge. There are also arts, scientific and cultural museums which are open to the public throughout the year. There are also green botanical gardens. 90 Nobel Laureates from the British Academy passed this seminar Sir Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Srinivas Ramanujan, J Thomson and many famous personalities spent his life in this university.

6. Oxford University


In the 921-year-old university, 22,000 students took lessons in higher education every year. 140 country’s meritorious students came to study here. Vidyapitha consists of 44 colleges and halls. There are more than 100 libraries This is the biggest scholarship in the British state. Oxford alumni are called ‘oxyans’. So far 25 thousand famous people have passed their education in this seminar. 4 English kings, 8 foreign kings, 120 Olympic gold medalists, 26 Nobel laureates, 7 famous writers, 30 world leaders (Bill Clinton, Indira Gandhi and 26 British Prime Ministers), 7 priests, 18 cardinals and one Pope has studied at Oxford Stephen Hawking, Oscar Wilde, Margaret Thatcher also came out from this academy.

 7. Imperial College


London Imperial College of London is also among the best scholarships. With about 15 thousand students and eight thousand officers and employees, this Vidyapith is organized. Educational institutions focus more on science and research, engineers, medicines and business topics. Apart from the college in the Vidyapith premises, there are natural, Victoria and Albert Museum. Even the students here publish a science magazine. More than 13 Nobel Laureates of San Alexandr Flemings have passed their education here.

 8. Princeton University to cover history


The history of Princeton University is quite old. In 1747, this Vidyapith was established in New Jersey. This university is dear to the students for sport and entertainment. Princeton at number eight in the list of best scholarships Out of the famous university for research, 40 Nobel laureates finished their education. Among the few who received Nobel as a famous academic student, there are chemists Thomas Lyndal and Osamu Shimomura, economists Paul Krugman and Angus Deaton and physicist Arthur McDonald and David Gross.

  9. University of Chicago


With the financial support of John de Rockefeller in the 18th century, the University of Chicago was established in the United States. Vidyapith is famous for modern research and discovery. Originally the most important of the discovery and research is given here. A total of 80 Nobel laureates in the world and 30 of the American national medals were former students of the company. For many years, Nobel laureate faculty members Robert E. Lucas, James J. Hackman, Roger Mayorson, Lars Peter Hanson are among the best.

10. Yale University


In 1701, this University was established in Connecticut as the Sebcere Collegiate. After 15 years, the Vidyapith shifted to 263 acres of land in New Haven. In 1718 the name was changed to Yale University. At that time, in 1861, this was the only university to do Ph.D. in the United States. The entire university is run in 14 schools and humanities, arts, science and social science departments.

 The rich students’ university


Pennsylvania University of Great Britain Building 25 of the students passed from the University of Bolivia. The university is the first university and fourth of the world’s oldest universities. In 1749 Benjamin Franklin founded the University Vidyapith is a private university in Pinisco and a member of Ivy League. In essence, the world-class fame of arts and crafts, social science, architecture, and communication etc.                    



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